Buy Quickly actively explores new retail via data-driven analysis of consumer’s shopping habits.  Through the integration of products, loyalty programs and profit sharing, we are able to provide comprehensive omni-channel e-commerce solutions, O2O CRM operations services, and integrated marketing services.

These include: 

iStore Operation & IT Interface: Brand content management, user (potential customers + fans + members) management and store operation, data bank management (including data factory creation), function guidance and procurement, etc.

Operating of WeChat mini-programs, Wechat malls, WeChat public accounts, etc.

Online and offline omni-channel integrated marketing solutions, IT POS solutions, online and offline membership relations development and management, etc.

Buy Quickly Creative Studio understands the visual tonality and shooting rhythm of brand e-commerce. It has excellent production, photography, camera and post-team. It can customize creative vision according to the needs of brand customers, and provide creative planning, makeup and modeling. Services such as props, scene construction, etc. At the same time, synchronous online shooting requirements are standardized, providing a new album catalogue for offline products, providing services such as shooting, design, and printing.





Buy Quickly is a global service provider in the international fashion industry.

In the past ten years, Buy Quickly has established long-term cooperative relationships with nearly over 40 international fashion brands, and continues to provide fashion brands with integrated online and offline omni-channel brand consulting, store operation, digital marketing, warehousing logistics, IT solutions and new retail services. 

Serving over 20 countries, Buy Quickly focuses on international high end fashion brands, covering four major categories: apparels, shoes, bags and accessories, using data-based consumer insights, and refined operations. The service covers online and offline multi-channel operations, including online platform stores (such as Tmall,, Vipshop, brand official website, social e-commerce), and offline (smart store, new retail) as well.




and Warehousing


Buy Quickly Logistics Center provides omni-channel logistics integration solutions for fashion brands, especially light fashion and luxury goods. Now it has passed ISO28000 and TAPA quality system certification to ensure the best protection of goods.

Buy Quickly has a high-standard warehouse of more than 80,000㎡,providing different types of storage areas including ordinary warehouse space, a dust-proof warehouse area, a constant temperature, a humidity chamber, and a vault storage, etc.

The warehouse is designed to meet the needs of "affordable luxury," providing personalized service, strict quality control for inbound shipments, product authentication, and the timely delivery of goods.


Buy Quickly’s in-house customer service team immerses fashion brands and consumers with the gold standards of fashion consultants by pursuing the four core service concepts (good customer service image, good technology, good customer relationships, good brand), including receptive responses to customer demands with fast, personal and convenient service, to truly provide Buy Quickly as a one-stop shopping experience for customers.

The team adopts a store staff management model. They strengthen the communication between operations and customer service, capture the real needs of customers, and combine the brand tonality to achieve a complete and coherent marketing program. While helping to bring sales to the brand, it also helps to establish a brand image by enhancing customer trust and loyalty, thus helping the brand to maintain customers and maximize the effectiveness of its event.

Our service footprint covers international popular e-commerce platforms and official brand websites (Tmall, Jingdong, Vipshop, Lazada, etc.), and provides one-stop services through international mainstream service methods such as call centers, live chats, e-mail, WeChat and Weibo.





Buy Quickly continues to breakthrough with strong technical research and development capabilities, and has developed a complete IT solution for FUtail's new retail by executing efficient brand operation and helping brands to conduct omni-channel & fully interlinked digital management.

Buy Quickly New Retail Middle Platform OMS, as a new retail center platform management, integrates omni-channel merchandise, inventory, orders, membership and other resources, and supports the management of online official stores, e-commerce platforms, cross-channel marketing activities, and offline stores.

New retail warehousing WMS, supports e-commerce B2C orders and store bulk sales B2B with two delivery modes, as well as efficient in-house management;

New retail membership CRM, providing omni-channel member resources integration capabilities, enabling cross-channel member data analysis, data mining and digital operation support.

The new retail members POS provides complete online and offline access and smart store solutions to help brands quickly complete new offline retail transformations.

The new retail business intelligence BI operates omni-channel & fully linked retail data collection and analysis, and is based on the model computing capabilities provided by business intelligence platforms, to meet the needs of various operational activities.

Based on brand business strategies, Buy Quickly’s Marketing Team focuses on big data to provide creative solutions with high sales potential, and continuously pursues seamless and integrated consumer experiences for our customers. We also provide holistic plans, social content, visual creativity, traffic research and other services. Meanwhile, the creative studio in Buy Quickly’s Marketing Department, in the spirit of “based on e-commerce, better than e-commerce”, focuses on the field of e-commerce with a comprehensive understanding of the visual tones and shooting style of each brand – the team provides production, photography, video shooting and post-editing. Included are customizable creative visual outputs, creative planning, modeling, makeup, styling, clothes, props, scene construction and other services according to the needs of brand customers. 

In addition, we have simultaneous offline and offline shooting, for new album catalogs of offline products, as well as photography, design, printing and publishing, and synced with online product photography requirements.