Data-Driven Business Model for “Borderless Retail”

Buy Quickly actively explores new retail strategies – based on key trends and data-driven consumer insights – to transform three key retail elements: people, goods and marketplace.

Through the integration of products, loyalty programs and profit sharing, we are able to provide comprehensive omni-channel e-commerce solutions, O2O CRM operations services, and integrated marketing services.

Service Item

Ali iStore Smart Store Access & Operations

Brand content operation

Fan & Member Operations

Shop marketing planning and execution

Smart shopping guide

Data Bank Mining and Application

Development and operation of WeChat marketing and membership service system

WeChat Mall Development and Marketing Promotion

Mini programs such as membership and gift cards

Public account content operation

Online and offline integrated marketing

Inventory sharing between online and offline channels

Cross-channel membership integration

Multi-channel store integrated marketing, planning and execution

Complete retail hosting and introduction of new retail systems