Case Studies

  • Clarks
  • Havaianas
  • MCM
  • Swatch
  • SMCP
  • Tissot
  • New Balance
  • Case Highlights:

    In the Clarks Kids project, Buy Quickly provides independent research and development POS, integrates orders and inventory of all channels online and offline, and orders O2O processes such as offline e-commerce delivery – electronic display solutions are also provided at the store to guide consumption. In the case of a shortage of physical stores, the company browses the goods in the library, recognizes the transaction, and connects with the brand system through the interface platform, and supporting the account check of the brand and the store operation.

    Clarks Omni-Channel full-services solutions

    In January 2017, Buy Quickly officially operated Clarks Women's and Children's shoes flagship store.

    In October 2017, Buy Quickly officially operated Clarks’ official flagship store. Within a short term, it achieved sales growth of more than 150% year-on-year; it came in third for its sales in the international shoe sales industry.

    In May 2018, the company took the lead in practicing new retail, completing part of the revamp of some smart stores for direct sales operating systems, and creating a brand number. More than 1,000 members were recruited during the “Declaration Season” trial run at Clarks Wisdom Store.

    In June 2018, Clarks successfully reaped the gains form its first 618 event on its smart store. The recruitment of offline members has reached nearly 30%, achieving a win-win situation in both traffic and sales.

    As of August 2018, the sales of Clarks Tmall platform increased by 218% and 227% respectively, ranking second in the Tmall “International Men's and Women's Shoes brand”.

  • Solution:

    BUY Quickly's digital marketing team, in collaboration with Tmall and the brand, launched an integrated online and offline grand opening marketing project, featuring Havianas' star products in interesting and diverse scenario-based short content videos. These videos were posted in collaboration with Seller KOL's on social media platforms, to build on the brand recognition that "Havianas = Fashionable and Fun Flip Flops";

    Simultaneously, they distributed media packages via mainstream media to communicate brand stories, product features, launch events and products rights, leading traffic to the flagship store. Offline outreach was constantly adjusted based on crowd insights distilled from the Data Bank. This was combined with on-site payments and the content matrix to achieve an integration of sales and marketing efforts. After launching, based on the customer profile overview distilled from the data bank, continue to optimize the target audience strategy, and reach out a second time to the target audience for sales conversions.


    Social media followers increased by 420k+ since Flagship store launched;

    Daily sales increased by 500% on launch day;

    The brand's customer orders was 273% higher than the industry average;

    Offsite audience's conversion rate into social media fans increased by 100%, average purchase rate increased by 213%.

    Grand Opening for Digitally-empowered Havianas

    Project Background:

    Havaianas has officially landed in China through the Tmall platform. Faced with the lack of consumer brand awareness in the Chinese market, their flagship stores suffered from low traffic and poor sales conversions. They urgently needed to build brand recognition and have a new breakthrough in sales.

    Project Goal:

    Establish the brand concept of "Havianas = Fashionable Flip Flops", create a diversified use scenario for flip flops as a fashionable item, and let Chinese consumers have a more complete understanding of the international leader in flip flops, Havianas, with its brand history of almost 60 years. Establish brand equity among its target audience, to achieve an integration of sales and marketing.

  • Case Highlights:

    Founded in 1976, MCM combines modern aesthetics with a focus on craftsmanship to create new utilitarian luxury bags. Each MCM bag has a unique number engraved on the brass nameplate, adding a personal and exclusive sense of luxury. MCM continues to draw inspiration from art, music, technology and travel to create a brand culture that is brave, unique and aspirational. In July 2018, after considering many options, MCM chose to utilise the professional and refined operations of Buy Quickly e-commerce. On August 8, MCM Tmall flagship store had its grand opening.

    MCM Tmall Operations

    In July 2018, MCM and Buy Quickly reached a comprehensive level of collaboration regarding e-commerce operations.

    In August 2018, MCM Tmall flagship store had a grand opening.

  • Case Highlights:

    Danish jewelry brand Pandora is one of the top three jewellery brands in the world, with more than 100 specialty stores in China. Up to now, through the precise and refined management and operation at all levels, Pandora has achieved comprehensive optimization in terms of Tmall's performance, number of fans, and popularity in the e-commerce platform. In addition, Buy Quickly provides a number of professional IT software services such as OMS as the center, and effectively guarantees the docking service with the brand ERP, BI, third-party logistics, CRM and other systems.

    Pandora Tmall Operations and Professional IT Solutions

    In October 2016, the brand launched a grand opening which marked its first appearance on Tmall platform.

    In December 2016, the official brand store was successfully launched, which enhanced the brand image and customer shopping experience.

    In October 2017, it participated in the Tmall Trends Festival.

    In November 2017, the brand participated in the Tmall Double 11 event for the first time, achieving first in sales among the Tmall jewellery industry.

    In 2018, Buy Quickly planned a multi-dimensional marketing plan for Pandora, which enabled it to successfully launch the Tmall Super Brand Day event and enabled Pandora to claim many successes.

  • Case Highlights:

    Swatch Group Ltd, as the world's largest watch manufacturer, has a number of well-known watch brands. An important member of the group, Swatch entered Tmall in June 2017. Buy Quickly is the official flagship store operator of Swatch, offering a variety of e-commerce services, including the finer operations of Swatch's official flagship store and successful promotional activities for S-, A-, and B-categories at the combined E-commerce festival launch.

    On January 12, 2018, it was launched with the Tmall Super Brand Day, which became a landmark event in the Swiss watch industry, reaching a new height of communication and sales since the store opened. At the same time, the collaboration between Swatch and Tmall Super Brand Day 2018 began.

    Buy Quickly helps Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day

    In June 2017, Swatch entered Tmall.

    On January 12, 2018, Swatch joined the Tmall Super Brand Day to open its doors which became a landmark event in the Swiss watch industry, reaching a new height of communication and sales since the store opened.

  • Case Highlights:

    The French fashion group SMCP SAS owns three brands: Sandro, Maje and Claudie Pierlot. As a representative of the Parisian luxury brand, it combines the aesthetics of Parisian fashion design with the unique charms of women to create a diversified women's clothing collection. At present, SMCP has opened more than 1,000 stores worldwide. Starting in 2017, SMCP and Buy Quickly reached an e-commerce strategic collaboration to operate three Tmall flagship stores and two official brand websites. Based on data banking, membership, and trial on brand numbers, Buy Quickly is trying to explore new online and offline retail opportunities for SMCP.

    SMCP multi-platform e-commerce operation

    In May 2016, the flagship stores of Sandro and Maje were officially opened in Tmall.

    In January 2017, the Sandro flagship store officially launched its menswear collection; the Claudie Pierlot flagship store was officially launched.

    In October 2017, it participated in the Tmall Trends Festival and its e-commerce platform reached a global audience. In November of the same year, the official brand store was successfully launched.

    Throughout 2017, SMCP Tmall's annual sales reached 120 million. The cumulative sales of 2018 SMCP Tmall in the first half of the year reached 150 million, a year-on-year increase of more than 300%.

    At the beginning of 2018, the Tmall Maje Super Brand Day – organised and implemented by Buy Quickly – brought more than 90,000 fans to the brand, which resulted in a significant increase in sales.

  • Case Highlights:

    Tissot is an entry-level, Swiss-owned brand with excellent quality and exquisite craftsmanship, it is owned by Swatch Group Ltd. Since its 100th days of operation in 2017, at Double 11 it achieved the score of TOP1 in the flagship store through the merchandise, traffic, marketing planning and the refinement of big data. 

    In 2017, through the cooperation with Tmall's Double 11, it became the first brand in the industry to collaborate with Tmall for timing. From March to April 2018, Buy Quickly helped Tissot to successfully launch Tmall Super Fan Day and Tmall Super Brand Day, during which a large number of fans gathered, thus strengthening the brand’s image and popularity.

    Tissot Watch Tmall Operations

    In March 2017, the official flagship store of Tissot was officially launched. In April of the same year, Tissot's official flagship store had a grand opening. During Tmall 618, Tissot's official flagship store achieved No. 1 in sales in the Swiss watch industry. Tissot flagship store ranked fourth in international watch sales during Double 11.

    In 2018, Tissot successfully launched Tmall Super Fan Day and Tmall Super Brand Day.

  • Case Study Highlights

    New Balance, was established in 1906 by William J.  Riley in Boston, the city of marathons in the United States, reputed in America and around the world as the global leader in athletic shoes. Until now, BUY Quickly has successfully reversed the decline in sales for the brand in Tmall as well as, through precise management and operation at all levels, in-depth optimization of its brand merchandising selection strategy, etc. Beyond that, the brand has also achieved rapid growth in terms of sales, number of fans as well as the popularity among e-commerce platforms through continuous all-encompassing optimization efforts.

    New Balance Deepens its Brand's Merchandising Strategy and Reinvents the Influence of the Branding Industry

    August 2018, New Balance officially collaborated with BUY Quickly for its online omni-channel operations (Tmall Adults,, Official Website, Tmall Children's Footwear, Koala).

    August 2018, Tmall Super Fans Day, gained 200k+ fans in a single day.

    January 2019, sale volume exceeded 10 million on Juhuasuan Gathering Day.

    June 2019, achieved positive year-on-year growth for GMV sales for the first time.

    November 2019, Singles' Day's sales exceeded that of the entire previous year, tried influencer Viyaaa's live streaming for the first time, achieved 10 million in sales for a single product model.

    2019, the brand's full-year omni-channel sales volume exceeded 1 billion.

    2019, the Tmall Adults flagship store won the Sales Star Award.

    2019, the flagship store won the Best Sales Award.

    2019,'s Big Day Event broke the Big Day Event sales records of the industry, setting a new benchmark for the industry, and re-established NB's influence within the sports industry.

    June 2020, 618 Big Promo, the Tmall flagship store achieved 100% year-on-year growth in sales.

  • Case Study Highlights

    HUGO BOSS is one of the leading companies in the global market for high-end and luxury apparel, focusing on the development and sales of high-end men's and women's fashion and accessories, and is one of the world's most profitable listed apparel manufacturers. Since its collaboration with BUY Quickly, HUGO BOSS has successfully doubled the revenue of the HUGO BOSS brand on Tmall, with a rapid growth of fans by 300%+, through fully realizing digitalization, as well as operating and managing both the online and offline operations with a high level of precision.

    HUGO BOSS Develops Multi-platform E-commerce Operations to Attain Rapid Revenue Growth

    January 2019, HUGO BOSS officially collaborated with BUY Quickly for its online omni-channel operations (Tmall,, Official Website, Mini Program).

    October 2019, collaborated with Tmall Club & Tmall Luxury Fans Day to create a single brand IP, and launched the online membership system and fragrance category for the first time.

    November 2019, as a 6-year-old store, HUGO BOSS's Tmall sales achieved a year-on-year growth of 100%; the HUGO BOSS store became a benchmarch brand store in the luxury goods industry segment on; online omni-channel sales for the year exceeded 100 million for the first time.

    January 2020, awarded the "WWD & Tmall Luxury Goods Best Marketer Award" by WWD.

    In 2020, aims to double its full-year revenue year-on-year, with the stores on Tmall and achieving more than 110% target completion rate within the first half of the year.